Underlings/Backpedal/Payment plan

November 29, 2005 at 5:03 pm (New, Notes and Footnotes)

Its the lights every time.

Plummeting sad sack, its the last thing you ever see and then you never come back.

The Lights. Three seconds to impact. Thousands of pounds of pressure. Sometimes we misjudge the spot we jump from or else don’t look in the first place. We land on the rocks. It doesn’t matter. It all amounts to the same.

Its the lights every time.


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End is Nigh

November 18, 2005 at 12:52 pm (New, Notes and Footnotes)

Waking in a dark blue room,
someone snuffed the candle.
The cacophony of a poet’s Hell,
foul smelling black smoke, charred words and odes,
O Anarchy! Chaos is its own order.

People are their own demons.

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Somnambulist Blues

November 16, 2005 at 7:33 pm (New, Notes and Footnotes)

Handsh-sh-shakes, card tricks
blacked out city blocks
angry mobs
ten dollar bills
fancy cars and lipstick.


The pendulum is a terrible metaphor for American politics. A pendulum predicates motion. The American pendulum fails at this. At times it gravitates away from the center to the left or right, but never for too long. A pendulum in motion represents a balance and a harmony unknown to our legislative, judicial, and executive bodies. The balances and checks are failing.

The balance has failed. While the billions rack up and soldiers and citizens continue to die, the balance fails. Instead of body armor, our Congress is worried about steroids and baseball players. The balance has failed. We’re stuck in a war we can’t win no matter how much we support the troops.

For the displaced survivors of Hurricane Katrina, its not enough that the government at all levels failed to protect them, now they have an ultimatum: rebuild your lives and find housing by Dec. 1, after that the government gravy’s cut off. And the body count rises. The balance is lost.

The pendulum of American politics does not swing.

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Stars n’ Stripes

November 16, 2005 at 11:28 am (New, Politics)

The President and his administration would urge you to forget any mention of the misuse and misrepresentation of intelligence before the war. As this presidency ails and fails the president seeks to deflect attention away from himself and his cabinet and the falsehoods they pushed as certainties by railing against democrats who voted for the war, but are now criticizing the lies and doublespeak of the president.

This irks me in two ways. No one, and this includes the president, or Congress, or whomever, has the power to say who can and cannot criticize the war. Because of the fact that Congress was fed lies by the president and his administration about WMD’s and trumped up charges that Saddam had collaborated with Al Qaida, many Congresspersons went along with the president. The president also used his post-9/11 political collateral and high approval numbers to bully congresspersons into agreeing with his position or else be charged as cowards and soft on terrorism which would ultimately affect them come election time. With this heinous threat and the falsehoods Democratic congresspeople faced, it is not unfair to assume that they would of course go with what the intelligence said and agree to aggression against Iraq. Given the pressure and the mistruths its no wonder they voted for the war. Yet though I am very, very left leaning, the Democrats cannot be let off so easily. Since 9/11 they have given Bush and his administration and reptiles like Tom DeLay and Bill Frist every opportunity to take their false moral high ground and lay claim to patriotism without even the slightest fight. Though Bush lied about intelligence, any senator or representative should have the common sense not to rush into war and should have seen that Bush had no plan and that this war was a terrible ruse. Those who voted against the war cannot be said to have voted against American security, but merely to have voted against rushing into war without further intelligence, justification, and proof. Thus the democrats, who have recently recovered some semblance of a backbone, who voted for the war should have had the foresight and perseverance to challenge the president openly rather than rushing to war.

Now as for President Bush’s comments that those who are questioning his administration’s motives and justifications for going to war as undermining the war effort and the troops’ morale, this is just ludicrous. This is just a hop, skip, and jump away from saying that those who question the war are de facto “enemies of the state” and having them sent to secret camps to have bullets put in their head in the name of national morale and security. We already have the secret prisons, perhaps the executions aren’t far behind…

The president needs to come out from behind the stars n’ stripes and stop blaming those who disagree with the unjust war he has waged, and the torture he has condoned. And its high time for Democrats to stop hiding behind their “outrage” and stand up to the president’s bullshit charges.

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Wherefore Art Thou?

November 15, 2005 at 12:03 pm (New)

Perhaps we have lost our way?

The sky is burning…
Leaves are changing…
The sea is rising…
Run, red, run…
Art is dying and we don’t know why.

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The High Horse is Dead

November 15, 2005 at 12:01 pm (New)

In the Third Circle Posted by Picasa

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