Somnambulist Blues

November 16, 2005 at 7:33 pm (New, Notes and Footnotes)

Handsh-sh-shakes, card tricks
blacked out city blocks
angry mobs
ten dollar bills
fancy cars and lipstick.


The pendulum is a terrible metaphor for American politics. A pendulum predicates motion. The American pendulum fails at this. At times it gravitates away from the center to the left or right, but never for too long. A pendulum in motion represents a balance and a harmony unknown to our legislative, judicial, and executive bodies. The balances and checks are failing.

The balance has failed. While the billions rack up and soldiers and citizens continue to die, the balance fails. Instead of body armor, our Congress is worried about steroids and baseball players. The balance has failed. We’re stuck in a war we can’t win no matter how much we support the troops.

For the displaced survivors of Hurricane Katrina, its not enough that the government at all levels failed to protect them, now they have an ultimatum: rebuild your lives and find housing by Dec. 1, after that the government gravy’s cut off. And the body count rises. The balance is lost.

The pendulum of American politics does not swing.


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