Stars n’ Stripes

November 16, 2005 at 11:28 am (New, Politics)

The President and his administration would urge you to forget any mention of the misuse and misrepresentation of intelligence before the war. As this presidency ails and fails the president seeks to deflect attention away from himself and his cabinet and the falsehoods they pushed as certainties by railing against democrats who voted for the war, but are now criticizing the lies and doublespeak of the president.

This irks me in two ways. No one, and this includes the president, or Congress, or whomever, has the power to say who can and cannot criticize the war. Because of the fact that Congress was fed lies by the president and his administration about WMD’s and trumped up charges that Saddam had collaborated with Al Qaida, many Congresspersons went along with the president. The president also used his post-9/11 political collateral and high approval numbers to bully congresspersons into agreeing with his position or else be charged as cowards and soft on terrorism which would ultimately affect them come election time. With this heinous threat and the falsehoods Democratic congresspeople faced, it is not unfair to assume that they would of course go with what the intelligence said and agree to aggression against Iraq. Given the pressure and the mistruths its no wonder they voted for the war. Yet though I am very, very left leaning, the Democrats cannot be let off so easily. Since 9/11 they have given Bush and his administration and reptiles like Tom DeLay and Bill Frist every opportunity to take their false moral high ground and lay claim to patriotism without even the slightest fight. Though Bush lied about intelligence, any senator or representative should have the common sense not to rush into war and should have seen that Bush had no plan and that this war was a terrible ruse. Those who voted against the war cannot be said to have voted against American security, but merely to have voted against rushing into war without further intelligence, justification, and proof. Thus the democrats, who have recently recovered some semblance of a backbone, who voted for the war should have had the foresight and perseverance to challenge the president openly rather than rushing to war.

Now as for President Bush’s comments that those who are questioning his administration’s motives and justifications for going to war as undermining the war effort and the troops’ morale, this is just ludicrous. This is just a hop, skip, and jump away from saying that those who question the war are de facto “enemies of the state” and having them sent to secret camps to have bullets put in their head in the name of national morale and security. We already have the secret prisons, perhaps the executions aren’t far behind…

The president needs to come out from behind the stars n’ stripes and stop blaming those who disagree with the unjust war he has waged, and the torture he has condoned. And its high time for Democrats to stop hiding behind their “outrage” and stand up to the president’s bullshit charges.



  1. Anonymous said,

    You have no idea how wrong you are. Starting with the Iraqi liberation act passed in 1998, 2 years before President Bush took office this was passed throguh Congress with President Clinton speaking about Saddam’s nukes. That act, the violation of the multiple UN resolutions, every other intellegence agency in the world coming to the same conclusion as the CIA did, there was no mis use of intellegence. It is a losing DNC talkign point and if you Dimocraps keep it up you will see the results in 2006 when there will be a veto proof majority. Grow-up!

  2. Nick said,

    Unfortunately, your fearless leader has all but sealed the coffin on any veto-proof majority in Congress. And as far as intelligence, THERE WERE NO FUCKING NUKES! Regardless of when they were there, there were none when we went in and the portrayal of of flowers in Baghdad misled the American people into believing this was okay. The Bush administration wanted their oil and used WMD’s and Saddam’s “link” Al-Qaida as a way to get to it. They needed to deflect the failing situation in Afghanistan which has all but been forgotten in the public’s mind and used these trumped up charges to invade. Now that the facade is fading and the true motivations are becoming clear its absurd to claim that we were fully justified in the invasion. While the Iraqi Liberation Act may have been passed during Clinton, he did not invade or use faulty information and false charges to do so. That administration knew only dimplomacy, hard fought and won would really bring democracy to Iraq in a way that would not provoke hatred of America and disillusion in the Middle East as well as possible Civil War. Stop waving your damn flag and wake up!

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