Fanatics and Fools

December 8, 2005 at 8:07 pm (New, Politics)

So now the ultra-conservative religious right is bitching about Christmas. They are bitching because retail stores are more and more calling their holiday sales just that, holiday sales. And schools recess for winter break. What is the problem you might ask? Apparently the religious right is appaled at multiculturalism. They believe America should put the Christ back in Christmas and do away with “happy holidays” wishes, and basically eradicate the mentions of other cultural holiday such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc. To them, only their precious Christ holiday matters. Other cultures can just fuck off. The problem with this notion. America is chock FULL of other cultures and the fact that retailers and schools are wising up to the fact that their consumers and students might not be Christian nuts has clued them in to being more culture conscious or inclusive. But the Christian right pegs it as a loss of morals and a loss of the “true” meaning of Christmas. Oh fuck off! I’m sure that they all lead perfectly sacred Christmas lives and don’t partake in the rampant consumerism that is the Christmas holiday. Please. Perhaps instead of worrying about putting Christ back into Christmas, they should worry about putting themselves back into Christ’s teachings and love. Now as an ardent atheist I obviously find this whole debate comical for a more detached reason. But I won’t go into it now. But when these gay-bashing, misogynist, racist bastards even start talking of Christ I want to just vomit. They talk about Christ like he’s a brand new Corvette they’re using to impress their dates and get laid. They wave him around and wear him around their necks like a Cracker Jack prize. THEY have lost the meaning of Christ, and though I don’t believe that Christ, if he existed, was anything other than a man, I still see the fundamental horror in the way they use him and his image to get votes and further fuck up this country. The GOP and the Religious Right have forsaken their God, His Son, and teachings by their most heinous attacks on the rights and right to exist of others. They have taken teachings of love and forgiveness and used them to frighten and terrorize their followers into submission. Unfortunately, with their puppet in the White House, the ony kind of Christian that gets news is the fundamental evangelical. The idiot Creationist in Intelligent Design clothing. The Christian that hates is much more newsworthy (because one is our president) than the countless other moderate and liberal Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc seeking to build bridges and create a place where someone can be religious and pious and gay. Or have an abortion. Or be of another skin color than white. Just as I despise the terrorists who day in and day out strike and kill our American and allied soldiers fighting for a war of lies, I also hate the faux Christian who stands on his soapbox on Capitol Hill and from his television studio at CBN and spews vile and venomous hatred to those he or she is entrusted to lead to Heaven through love and forgiveness. They are just as much terrorists. And their kingdom must come down as well. It is destroying our country. I leave you with paraphrased words someone once said. The only true Christian is Christ, for he’s the only one to suffer and die on the cross. Perhaps these fundamental evangelicals should practice some humility as they attempt to take away the rights of those they fail to dialogue with and even try to understand. God fucking Bless.


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