Legalized Bibliophilia

September 1, 2006 at 3:49 pm (New, Notes and Footnotes)

So I just discovered Library Thing, and it rocks!  I’ve wanted a way to catalog my books and share them, and this is the best way so far.  Now I can just stare at our bookshelves with my laptop and enter books enter books enter books.  Yay!  But dear God, this will be an arduous and tedious process.  But it might just help me see exactly all the books we’ve acquired through the years and exactly how many we have, as I have no idea.  Here’s my profile at Library Thing.  Join and be happy.

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  1. Crowmanic said,

    Sounded interesting, the LibraryThing, so I’ve had a quick look at the site. I’m interested about the “integration” of the “library” or members list within Wp. Have you used/experimented with this?
    This is from their site “Got a blog? The LibraryThing blog widget tells people what you’re reading.”

    Is it like a “random” bookcover thingo, in widget for sidebar, a bit like Flickr pix or similar? Really did want to sign-up unless this is a means to integrate a “book list” into my WP in some meaningful sort of way, if you get my drift? Will appreciate your reply. Thx.

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