Fox Trot

September 5, 2006 at 10:17 pm (New, Sounds/Silence)

Neko CaseFox Confessor Brings the Flood

Let us get to the point. Go out and purchase/steal/borrow this album immediately. That’s it. Simple. Do it.

If you are a previous Neko Case fan then you probably already own this yourself, and yes it did come out…hmmmm…six months ago. So I’m a little behind. Sue me. But if you haven’t made headway into Neko Case’s world, there has never been a better time then now.

Fox Confessor is a short album at just over thirty five minutes. But every second of that half hour plus is chock full of dreamy, hooky, country-twinged goodness. Case’s voice is better than ever, whether its soaring or smokey and low, and her songs keep getting more beautiful and complex with each passing album. Increasingly, her lyrics are becoming more poetic as well. Each album, Neko Case has included more and more of her own songs and playing more instruments, and in my opinion this has only improved each new album. But what also makes her albums so solid are those musicians she chooses to associate with and let play on her albums. Again we get Howe Gelb, Joey Burns and John Convertino from Calexico (who themselves have released a brilliant new album this year), and The Sadies (who also share some songwriting credits with Neko on this album). While the album possesses a thick, dreamy quality, never does it come off as overbearing or loud. There isn’t a wasted or excessive strum of the guitar anywhere on this album. The musicians gathered for this album seem like a dream team. And we of course cannot forget the wonderful production team at Wavelab Studios in my hometown of Tucson, AZ for producing such a flawlessly produced (i.e. NOT overproduced) piece of work for Neko Case.

The album as a whole leaves us wondering what Neko Case will do next, and to what frighteningly beautiful soundscapes she’ll transport us. Oh, and of course, when is she coming to our town!

Pop in this album, press repeat and relax.

Some of my favorite tracks: “Margaret vs. Pauline,” “Hold On, Hold On,” “Maybe Sparrow,” & “The Needle has Landed.”


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